International Bridal Workshop with Gregor Lersch


My floral escapades continued in March with a trip to Germany to attend the International Bridal Seminar given by Gregor Lersch. It was important to him that we not only improve our floral skills but that we connect with each other and learn about all the cultures that were represented.  I met designers from Poland, Italy, Turkey, England, Romania, Holland, Germany, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Israel, Austria, Belgium and I'm sure I missed a couple! The first evening, we were treated to a floral demonstration and then a lovely reception where the focus was to meet each other before the three days of intensive work.  Lunch and refreshments for morning and afternoon breaks were provided and gave the participants more opportunities to bond with each other.  

The first day started with demonstrations. On days 2 and 3, we started with critiques of the previous day's work and then had demonstrations. Afterward we proceeded to the workroom were there were all the supplies and gorgeous flowers needed for us to execute our interpretation of the day's topic. It was heaven!!!

Gregor was very in tune with where we were from and how that influenced our designs when he critiqued them.  An unusual color combination may have traditional roots in a culture and he would seek out this information before commenting.  He would go around the room and offer suggestions. Gregor readily approached the designers and would initiate the conversation.  I can't over emphasize how thoughtful and hospitable he was, how thoughtful his comments were and what a terrific team he had to support him. I can't wait to return to Bad Neuenahr to attend another workshop!

There were so many fabulous settings on this site to photograph one's work. Just a gorgeous location with views of vineyards on the hills.

Kyogi paper was layered on a cardboard base as well as glued on to bind wire to form the base for this completely wired and taped bouquet. Keeping it cool in the evening and covered in plastic which had been sprayed with water kept it looking fresh for 3 days! A few bits of kyogi paper coming out of the floral portion connected the flowers with the base much as you would connect a floral design to the container.