Let's Talk Wedding Flowers - The Ceremony! Third Post in a Series


Ceremonies take place in many different locations and flowers can enhance them all!  


Flowers can be on the altar for a church wedding. (I will be sure to check with the church for their rules and guidelines). Aisle markers can be placed on every few rows. A welcoming design can be placed at the entrance and even handrails can be adorned with flowers. All these flowers can usually be re-purposed at the reception. 


Less traditional venues can use flowers to define the ceremony space. Arbors can be decorated with fabric, greens and/or flowers. If your venue has a gorgeous view such as a city skyline or the rolling vista at The Crane Estate, I have towers available that don't interfere. These can be moved to grace the entrance to the reception. A pair of designs on pedestals or lanterns with flowers can mark the start of the aisle.  Lanterns can also be placed along the walk - either hanging or on the ground.

Each location will have its own personality that I will explore (either on site or through photographs) to make your ceremony space extra special.