Let’s Talk Wedding Flowers - the Bridal Bouquet! (and what your gal pals carry!) Second post in a series

photo by Carly Michelle Photography

photo by Carly Michelle Photography

You have your venue and selected your dress. The mood for your wedding is moving from concept to reality! Your wedding bouquet will be the jewelry on your vision.  It continues to set the tone of the day. The photos of you with your bouquet will become one of your iconic keepsakes.

So what kind of bouquet do you want? Should you get? Your bouquet should be in proportion to you and the style of your dress.  Popular right now are the bouquets with lots of greenery and lush flowers.   These can get big so make sure you hold it low so you aren’t lost behind it!  Softer versions of cascade bouquets are appearing. Round, hand-tied bouquets are still on the scene. I like to make these with the flowers at various heights and lots of texture to add interest.  Simple wreaths with flowers are another trending style. Floral purses (purely decorative) and wrist bouquets (they are attached to your wrist and can be quite dramatic for that special first dance!) are a different take on the traditional flowers.

Circle bouquet with garden roses and greens

As a floral designer, I can make you something unique that you won’t see everywhere else.

Photo by @VictoriaHeerPhotography

Photo by @VictoriaHeerPhotography

Trending are bold colors mixed with paler tones.  Unlike a few years back where a bouquet of red roses could look like a bull’s eye against a white dress, the combinations are elegant and have an organic feel. They look fresh from nature despite needing a level of skill to achieve this un-fussy look!

Assorted greenery with flowers in a range of whites is a classic look that is clean and refreshing. This color combination can be made in any of the styles previously mentioned.

Woodland bouquet in green and white to be held presentation style

You may have heard the Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet. While we may see some of that this year, it will likely take a couple of years to show up in the bridal world. (Think Devil Wears Prada and how Andi’s sweater was that special blue from a collection a few years earlier that finally trickled down to daywear). Marsala was the color in 2015 and we are seeing more of that this year mixed with blush and apricot.

Bold colors nestled in tulle bouquet
photo by Carly Michelle Photography

photo by Carly Michelle Photography

What about your ladies? There are the same bouquet options, they are just made smaller than your flowers.  It’s perfectly fine and common for these to be a different style than what you carry.  If you have a large group (I’ve done up to 10 bridesmaids bouquets for one wedding!), smaller bouquets can be created to accommodate your budget.

Bouquet with grandmother's rosary amid whites, blues and dusty purple.

The finishing touch for the bouquets is the treatment of the handle. Stems exposed, completely wrapped or partially wrapped are all options. Streamers are another trend.  I have a collection of hand-dyed chiffons and silks that I augment my double faced satin ribbon collection with for an ethereal effect.  Be careful of one or two long streamer hanging down the front of your gorgeous dress. A bunch of streamers at assorted lengths will look better in the photographs.

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